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Christian Education for the Whole Family
Christian Education is a vital part of an individual's faith walk.  St. Paul's Lutheran Church offers several opportunities for families and individuals to come and grow deeper in their faith through Christian Education.  We invite you to come take part in these wonderful programs and grow in your love of God.

Children's Sunday School:  We are currently teaching our Sunday School classes using the Growing In Christ curriculum, by Concordia Publishing House.  This class teaches Bible content by:
  • Engaging kids in opening worship through the Word, action, and music
  • Exploring each week's Bible story in depth with age-appropriate lessons
  • and Expressing and reinforcing key lesson points through crafts, music, drama, games, science activities, service projects, and more!

Lutheran Confirmation:  All church members ages 12 and up are invited to join our weekly Confirmation classes on Wednesday nights at 6:30.  This is a fresh approach to Confirmation taught over two school years.  Year A of our curriculum deals with the basics of the Bible and Luther's Small Catechism, including life application for those lessons.  Year B is a discussion of our Christian Vocation, and lessons on Christian thinking -- how to see the world through the lens of a Christian.  Our curriculum is available by request for those who would like to join the "Confirmation Is Not Graduation" movement!

Adult Bible Study:  Join our congregation in an open discussion of Scripture, Christian living, and God's will for His people.  We are currently partaking in a Chronological Bible Study on Sunday mornings, and our classes include members young and old, novice to expert.  Come learn and grow with us!

College Bible Study:  Come join our College Bible Study, offered free for all students at CCC and ICC.  This is a bi-weekly study on 2nd and 4th Monday nights of every month at 7:30pm, held in the East Wing of our church.  The topics are selected by our Bible study members and change weekly, dealing with the very real challenges of college life and the Christian walk in general.

Vacation Bible School:  St. Paul's offers a yearly VBS, open to the community, where children can learn more about their Savior.  These week-long classes are normally held the third week of July, Monday through Friday.  

Stewardship Education:  Every year, the Board of Stewardship sponsors a class on learning how to be good stewards, or custodians, of all the treasures with which God has blessed us.  This year, join us on a "Journey of Discovery", a five-week congregational financial stewardship program.

Evangelism Training:  Our Board of Evangelism is also responsible for training up members of St. Paul's to go and spread the Good News of Jesus Christ.  Our various evangelism training offerings include:
  • Every One His Witness -- a distinctly Lutheran look at interpersonal outreach
  • Re-Vitality -- a study of how congregations can be more intentional and incarnational in seeking and saving the lost, including absent congregation members

Pre-Marital Counseling:  Pastor Fields offers pre-marital counseling to any couple who is interested in strengthening their future marriage.  Instruction is based on Biblical principles of marriage as well as research-based counseling as presented by Gottman and Gottman.

Leadership Mentoring:  Members of all boards are invited to continually learn and grow in their roles in the church in individual mentoring sessions

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